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Welcome to ...... Retail Training, Customer Service, Management and more!

With a vast electronic library of over 1,000 modules of learning resources, we are pleased to offer a range of solutions to excite and enthuse the learner, each one designed to enable our wide range of clients to deliver efficient, economical and effective training and development for their target audiences. Retailing training resources account for just over half of our downloadable publications, with Supervisory Managment, Customer Service and Generic materials in order to enable customers to build depth and range to their training resources.

New! Visit the NVQs Forum. A Forum for those delivering & working towards NVQ qualifications


About our Modules

All of our modules are presented in Adobe Acrobat Portable Data Format (pdf) which enables them to be delivered easily to learners, either in electronic or hardcopy format. Each module is on average around one hour of learning time with more advanced levels, such as NVQ Retail Level 3 etc normally being of a longer duration. In order to get an idea of the format and structure of our modules we have numerous free samples available for download.

Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 7+ in order to open the files. This is a free programme available from the Adobe site


We Have Three Main Methods of Selection

We have three main methods by which you may select our materials to match your requirements.

  1. Gold Packages - We have cross matched our modules with a number of qualifications and vocational skill areas, with specific emphasis on National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). The resulting packages are available on CD or via download from this site. Whether you are a training provider, college, consultant or looking to launch your own in-house training, we can save you the time and cost of developing your own retailing, supervisor, customer service training support material. We currently have packages covering the following NVQs:

    Management, Supervisory Skills, Customer Service, Retail & Retailing, Warehousing and Administration

  2. Pick 'n' Mix - view each of our modules contents and target learning outcomes on this site. Match them to your 'skills gaps' or the training programme/qualification you wish to cover, then simply visit our 'Pick 'n' Mix' section to select, buy and download the modules of your choice.

  3. Custom Packages - Contact us with details of your retail, warehousing, customer service etc training and/or developmental requirements - we will cross match our modules and supply you with a fully costed proposal for your own custom package (with your own branding if required).

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